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Jonathan says “You wanted to know how I liberated myself from my day job and began blogging full time.

After over 100 hours of “work;” my new free ebook: The Zero Hour Workweek is now available to the world. The “zero” part is in reference to when you do what you love, “work” no longer feels like work.

I personally can no longer tell the difference between when I’m working and when I’m playing.

Click Here to Download the Zero Hour Workweek Now

Here’s what inside this 60 page document:

  1. My Story of Liberation. Why I was fed up with “mind renting” and what I did to stop it.
  2. My Journey to Getting Paid to be Me. I detail my most important strategies for getting paid to do what I love. I’ve used these strategies to gain over 10,000 subscribers, write for a top 50 blog, and create a full time income online.
  3. Zero Hour Case Studies. I get inside the minds of six other renegades who have found ways to get paid to be who they are. You learn their best tips, and what they would change if they could to start all over.
  4. Your Paid to Exist Secret Weapon. I show you how you can find the intersection between: 1) What you’re good at, 2) What you’re passionate about, and 3) What people will pay you to do.
  5. Why the World Needs You to Do What You Love. Why we desperately need your contribution. A call to living on your own terms and creating your own game.”

Jonathan Mead

AUTHOR’S BIO: I dropped out of high school (I went to college instead to take classes I was actually interested in). I dropped out of the typical life-template. And I dropped out of the 9-5 to get paid to be me.

I started my blog of self development to help others on their path, because I realized what we often view as “collective wisdom” is merely a big, collective assumption. I’ve also found out that a lot of ideas I thought were crazy and counter-intuitive actually produced the best results. It’s these non-standard strategies that I am most interested in. The edges of life tend to fascinate me the most.

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Pictures of my hike in Walnut Creek yesterday, Thursday August 13th. I seen things I NEVER seen before!!!!!

Baby Lizard

Tiny Golden Frog

Wild Fennel… Strong Flavor!

Beautiful Horses

Wonderful Fragance White Flower

White Flower Fruit

Red Ants Nest

Wild Squash

Spider Trap

White Berries… they taste like grapes!

Tiny Frog


Baby Lizard

Green Acorn

Pretty Horsey

Tiny Frog in Blackberry Plant

Wild Blackberries! Mmmm…

Wild Mustard

Watercress in the creek with Watercress Flowers and Tiny Frog

Pretty Red Plants

Refreshing Creek!

Red Berries

Horsey got hungry too…

Big Lizard

More Fennel…

…and more and more Tiny Frogs

Victoria Vives

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Tonight was a very special night! I had the great experience of attending the Jeet Kune Do Wednesday Night Group, and directly learning from first generation students of Bruce Lee. It was an honor to train under Tim Tackett and Dennis Blue direction. I also enjoyed a great time after, conversing with Tim Tackett, Bob Bremer, and Jim Sewell in a cordial gathering. I felt like I was inside of a legendary movie!!!!

Victoria Vives with Tim Tackett

My favorite drill in the training was one from Tai Chi, where I had to push my opponent with the momentum created by my bodyweight. I started visualizing myself channeling all the energy around and then throwing it through my palm to push my drill partner. It worked! I felt like a video game character! AMAZING!!!! Love it!!!! Looking forward for more 🙂

I love how they are open to exploring other systems in order to continue enriching their understanding of the martial way.

In this book cover Tim Tackett and Bob Bremer

Victoria Vives


Morning. Very early morning. When most thought forms are deactivated, since most human minds can’t give them attention… sleeping. We can then see life through the eyes of Nature, which is one with Source. Calming, inspiring, NEW air. It is easy to create. I breathe deeply.

How precious this moment, when I wake up and receive a block of fresh thought that has the wisdom of silence, and that takes me to this writing, to focus me, and help me remember, that there is more that meet the eye, and that ultimately, THAT is all that matters to know: the unseen, because it is the beginning of all that is seen.

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The Secret Uncovered!

Victoria Vives



One more sign to believe that the time that you and I were waiting for is HERE! A time when we can enjoy maximum technology combined with the most caring and spiritual way of living!

FUEL is now in theaters. The Sundance winning film that can renew our World! From bio-fuel under $1 per gallon, to vertical farms that can produce food for 50,000 people, recycle water, and producer energy. All of this in a minimum ground space!

Watch the trailer and visit the website to learn more about it!

More information in the following link:


Victoria Vives



Victoria Vives featured in the FAME USA Championship Event “Lone Star Weekend” promotional materials!

Graphic Art by Kai

Lone Star Weekend on May 8-9, 2009 at Omni Houston Westside Hotel.


The original picture:

Photo by Laurence Moan
Concept/Style by Victoria Vives

Victoria Vives

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First of all, I want to thank Ray for taking the time of commenting. Our Health expert answers below to his comment published on October 30th that reads as follows:

“Great article to warn people of toxicity, a vital issue to note if we want to live longer lives!

I would examine the filter I use; to start with, filters are never the best when it comes to treating water. The reason for this is, dissolved chemicals still get through the finest of filters as long as they are equal to, or less than, the size of water molecules.

Food for thought!

Cheers, Ray

Our expert’s response:

“Hello Ray,

Thank you for the comment.

I agree that examining the filter used for water purification is absolutely important.

Regarding dissolved chemicals that are not easily filtered, yes, this is a real danger. However, I still feel strongly that a good filter is the best option for the average consumer and would offer a giant step up for health.

There are two general alternatives to filters in the consumer water treatment industry: distillation and deionization. I do not recommend either of these processes. Both produce very pure water, which is exactly the problem.

Distilled water is stripped of everything, including minerals which in turn will either strip your body and/or your food of those same minerals leading to potential health deficiencies. Furthermore, water distillation has a few additional inherent problems. The scaling (water deposits) resulting from distillation is often removed chemically, and creating potentially harmful byproducts in order to have pure drinking water might be self defeating. Then there is the issue of the amount of energy involved in purifying the water. Home distillers are generally powered by electricity and unless your home is running on green energy, this is also adding to the overall carbon footprint of the purification process.

Deionized water, on the other hand, strips water of minerals but does not remove organic materials that do not have a charge. For this reason, many home units will combine an additional filtration step. Ultimately, we are left with same issue as distilled water in that the deionized water is stripped of necessary minerals.

The issue of healthy drinking water is important. As of now I’m not certain that there is a perfect solution, however, filtration is a excellent first step.

In Health,–


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First of all I want to thank “Bluefish” for reading Conscious Planet and commenting 🙂  Our Health expert answered to the comment that “Bluefish” published on October 28th that reads as follows:

I do some work with the American Chemistry Council and I can promise that chlorine is not harmful — In fact, if we didn’t have chlorine, Western civilization probably could not function.  It kills the bacteria and organic material that cause diseases and U.S. cities have been using it for over 100 years because it’s safe and effective.

Before to get to our expert’s response, I would like to state my humble opinion:

I much appreciate the efforts of the American Chemistry Council for resolving an important situation at such a large scale.  A situation not easy to deal with, as it is the safety of our water, and being water the major component of our bodies, the importance of this subject is major.

I see how chlorine is “resolving” something for us in the way that medicine does, like a precious emergency resource.  I imagine our future as a conscious planet, discovering and applying new ways to enjoy safe water, in Harmony with Nature, Nature including humanity.

Below is our expert’s response:

“Hi There,

Thanks for the comment.

There is no doubt that chlorine has definitely made a significant impact on modern civilization.  I also have to say that I have a bit more faith in human ingenuity to believe that Western civilization would not function without chlorine.

As for its safety, such an active oxidizer that kills bacteria and destroys other organic material has that very same potential with humans.  The only difference being, that we are larger than bacteria and thus feel the effects at a lesser level.

Chlorine is essential to life as we know it, but it is not something we should be consuming outside of natural food sources.  The harmful effects of chlorine based sanitation products are too numerous to mention and so abundant that I won’t explain in detail.

I hope you change your mind about chlorine, because it won’t change its effects on you.


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