Conscious Planet
Achieve Optimal Health, Wealth, Fitness, and Consciousness

About Conscious Planet

Conscious Planet is you, and I and all the people on this planet soon to be achieving more and more consciousness, happiness and freedom in our lives.

My name is Victoria Vives Khuong (Victoria Vives is my stage name) and I am the Founder of Conscious Planet (and Conscious Entertainment), started on May 28th of 2008.

My goal with this blog is to share the proper tools to achieve Health, Wealth, Fitness, and anything that can make your life shine.

I want to connect with everyone in this beautiful planet creating new friends all over the World, so we inspire one another. I encourage you to reply to my posts and also to be my friend in:

Personal Growth:

Thank you for visiting my blog ) Victoria Vives Khuong

About Victoria Vives: I am a Singer, Actress, Dancer, Martial Artist, Model and Voice Over Artist, originally from Spain. Here is my Talent website:


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