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Hiking in Poopout and Mystic Canyon Trail

Poopout and Mystic Canyon, two consecutive trails in the Big Dalton Canyon area.  One starts where the other finishes. They both have an extremely steep incline! There is also an easy but longer option, but we went the hard way, faster and more challenging. Not sure what is harder, going up or going down… It certainly was faster going down!

Enjoy this beautiful view…

Sometimes I felt like Spiderman, climbing more than hiking!

Some stretching enjoying the amazing weather

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4 Responses to “Hiking in Poopout and Mystic Canyon Trail”

  1. Looking forward to the next one!

  2. WOOHOO! Looks like fun times? Always remember coming down is the most dangerous though Victoria that’s when your most at risk!!! Lovely pics as always AWESOME! Do your thing girl you great V much,much,much Love!

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