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Barefoot Hike @ East Fork of San Gabriel Valley river

Pictures from a barefoot hike in the East Fork of San Gabriel Valley river on Summer 2009:

Early morning, kind of cold, but so beautiful and calm. Hike begins…

Got hot sooner than I thought!

After crossing the stream again and again… I decided that is better taking the shoes off!

Some posing here =)

So nice, refreshing, and… sort of… comfortable?

To follow the trail was… ok. Getting wild and walk inside the creek upstream was so much better! This is like the jungle :))) YAYYYY!!!!

And here… well, just having a blast! LOL! Victoria the wild beast attacking! YAYYY!

WHAT???? No! No! NO!!!!! I am not getting back to the trail! Loving the stream.

Ok, ok… let’s follow the path! Good kitty 😀

Rocks are kind of nice to walk on… their temperature is cooler than the floor, and feet adapt to their shape.

The floor is full of small sharp stones, so it feels like walking carefully, but it is SO HOT! Better to run!!!!! Sharp don’t matter! Ouch! HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

Aaaah… This is SO MUCH BETTER… I told you! I am not going out of the stream! 😛

Ooh… slippery rocks in the stream… but still fun and refreshing!!!!! And even more fun… mmm… we are out of drinking water, and it is – REALLY – HOT – ! Oh no!!!!!

Victoria Vives


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