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Heavenly Hike!

Pictures of my hike in Walnut Creek yesterday, Thursday August 13th. I seen things I NEVER seen before!!!!!

Baby Lizard

Tiny Golden Frog

Wild Fennel… Strong Flavor!

Beautiful Horses

Wonderful Fragance White Flower

White Flower Fruit

Red Ants Nest

Wild Squash

Spider Trap

White Berries… they taste like grapes!

Tiny Frog


Baby Lizard

Green Acorn

Pretty Horsey

Tiny Frog in Blackberry Plant

Wild Blackberries! Mmmm…

Wild Mustard

Watercress in the creek with Watercress Flowers and Tiny Frog

Pretty Red Plants

Refreshing Creek!

Red Berries

Horsey got hungry too…

Big Lizard

More Fennel…

…and more and more Tiny Frogs

Victoria Vives

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