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Legendary Night!

Tonight was a very special night! I had the great experience of attending the Jeet Kune Do Wednesday Night Group, and directly learning from first generation students of Bruce Lee. It was an honor to train under Tim Tackett and Dennis Blue direction. I also enjoyed a great time after, conversing with Tim Tackett, Bob Bremer, and Jim Sewell in a cordial gathering. I felt like I was inside of a legendary movie!!!!

Victoria Vives with Tim Tackett

My favorite drill in the training was one from Tai Chi, where I had to push my opponent with the momentum created by my bodyweight. I started visualizing myself channeling all the energy around and then throwing it through my palm to push my drill partner. It worked! I felt like a video game character! AMAZING!!!! Love it!!!! Looking forward for more 🙂

I love how they are open to exploring other systems in order to continue enriching their understanding of the martial way.

In this book cover Tim Tackett and Bob Bremer

Victoria Vives


2 Responses to “Legendary Night!”

  1. Sorry i took so long to check out your new post V couldn’t find it.hey sounds really inspireing very peaceful and calm never heard of these guys before sound wise most people stick to one form of learning but that way you miss out on so much wisdom and experience life is to short for that..that’s like going into nature and saying ohhh i like that plant or bird but everything else is nonsense i’ve learned everything i need now hahaahaa! Glad you had fun and felt the FORCE jedi by the way love that writeing of yours Source so nice can relate. Have a great succesful,inspirational weekend Victoria X

  2. Thank you Mark 🙂 They are first generation students of Bruce Lee! V

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