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Talking with Source

Morning. Very early morning. When most thought forms are deactivated, since most human minds can’t give them attention… sleeping. We can then see life through the eyes of Nature, which is one with Source. Calming, inspiring, NEW air. It is easy to create. I breathe deeply.

How precious this moment, when I wake up and receive a block of fresh thought that has the wisdom of silence, and that takes me to this writing, to focus me, and help me remember, that there is more that meet the eye, and that ultimately, THAT is all that matters to know: the unseen, because it is the beginning of all that is seen.

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Victoria Vives

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2 Responses to “Talking with Source”

  1. Hey V i relise how you feal i wake up and think,feal,live it every single day of my life AWESOME! You great can’t get why you post really positive stuff and nobody comments though? I say sorry for them keep up the great work X

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