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One More Response to a Reader’s Comment

First of all, I want to thank Ray for taking the time of commenting. Our Health expert answers below to his comment published on October 30th that reads as follows:

“Great article to warn people of toxicity, a vital issue to note if we want to live longer lives!

I would examine the filter I use; to start with, filters are never the best when it comes to treating water. The reason for this is, dissolved chemicals still get through the finest of filters as long as they are equal to, or less than, the size of water molecules.

Food for thought!

Cheers, Ray

Our expert’s response:

“Hello Ray,

Thank you for the comment.

I agree that examining the filter used for water purification is absolutely important.

Regarding dissolved chemicals that are not easily filtered, yes, this is a real danger. However, I still feel strongly that a good filter is the best option for the average consumer and would offer a giant step up for health.

There are two general alternatives to filters in the consumer water treatment industry: distillation and deionization. I do not recommend either of these processes. Both produce very pure water, which is exactly the problem.

Distilled water is stripped of everything, including minerals which in turn will either strip your body and/or your food of those same minerals leading to potential health deficiencies. Furthermore, water distillation has a few additional inherent problems. The scaling (water deposits) resulting from distillation is often removed chemically, and creating potentially harmful byproducts in order to have pure drinking water might be self defeating. Then there is the issue of the amount of energy involved in purifying the water. Home distillers are generally powered by electricity and unless your home is running on green energy, this is also adding to the overall carbon footprint of the purification process.

Deionized water, on the other hand, strips water of minerals but does not remove organic materials that do not have a charge. For this reason, many home units will combine an additional filtration step. Ultimately, we are left with same issue as distilled water in that the deionized water is stripped of necessary minerals.

The issue of healthy drinking water is important. As of now I’m not certain that there is a perfect solution, however, filtration is a excellent first step.

In Health,–


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