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Response to a Reader

First of all I want to thank “Bluefish” for reading Conscious Planet and commenting 🙂  Our Health expert answered to the comment that “Bluefish” published on October 28th that reads as follows:

I do some work with the American Chemistry Council and I can promise that chlorine is not harmful — In fact, if we didn’t have chlorine, Western civilization probably could not function.  It kills the bacteria and organic material that cause diseases and U.S. cities have been using it for over 100 years because it’s safe and effective.

Before to get to our expert’s response, I would like to state my humble opinion:

I much appreciate the efforts of the American Chemistry Council for resolving an important situation at such a large scale.  A situation not easy to deal with, as it is the safety of our water, and being water the major component of our bodies, the importance of this subject is major.

I see how chlorine is “resolving” something for us in the way that medicine does, like a precious emergency resource.  I imagine our future as a conscious planet, discovering and applying new ways to enjoy safe water, in Harmony with Nature, Nature including humanity.

Below is our expert’s response:

“Hi There,

Thanks for the comment.

There is no doubt that chlorine has definitely made a significant impact on modern civilization.  I also have to say that I have a bit more faith in human ingenuity to believe that Western civilization would not function without chlorine.

As for its safety, such an active oxidizer that kills bacteria and destroys other organic material has that very same potential with humans.  The only difference being, that we are larger than bacteria and thus feel the effects at a lesser level.

Chlorine is essential to life as we know it, but it is not something we should be consuming outside of natural food sources.  The harmful effects of chlorine based sanitation products are too numerous to mention and so abundant that I won’t explain in detail.

I hope you change your mind about chlorine, because it won’t change its effects on you.


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