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Cholesterol and Saturated Fat: Good or bad?

This is a very important nutritional aspect that I wanted to share here in Conscious Planet.  I see many people trying to avoid fats, when they are actually very beneficial for our body and for our skin.

A deeper understanding about fats will help in evaluating which fats we can happily eat and which ones we had better keep away from.

I enjoy eating sweets and other processed foods AFTER reading their ingredient list. If I see the word “hydrogenated”, “margarine” or “shortening” I move on and look for something else.  Normally, the more simple the ingredient list, the healthier the products tend to be.

Even if it is not especially healthy to eat sweets, if you still want to eat them as I do, you can keep this advice in mind and eat sweets with healthy fats.

Walkers Shortbread Fingers are one of the cookies that I really like: great quality, taste and a very simple ingredient list.  It is made with healthy fats: just butter.  They are delicious!  Kind of pricey, but understandably so because of the good quality.  You can find the Fresh & Easy labeled version of these cookies for a great price: Same cookie quality packaged under the fresh & easy brand = healthy savings.

Here is an excerpt of an article about Cholesterol and Saturated Fats:

“As for dietary fats and cholesterol and their relation to cardiovascular health, the main fact to consider is that trans fats are the substance we should be avoiding.

I understand that generations of brainwashing have lead to a fear of saturated fats and cholesterol that have been blown way out of proportion. Both these substances, except for saturated fats produced via artificial hydrogenation, are actually ESSENTIAL to good health and also provide necessary protective factors.

Here is a concept that will really “bake your noodle” (as The Oracle said to Neo in “The Matrix”), cholesterol is a natural free radical fighting powerhouse that has been shown to be a marker for longevity.” >>>Complete article here>>

Enjoy healthy fats!

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4 Responses to “Cholesterol and Saturated Fat: Good or bad?”

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  2. This is a little too confusing for me. It talks about trans fat being a saturated fat, when actually it is not. We all know that unsaturated fats are good for you, so I am confused as to what they mean here.

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