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Low Carb Diets? You are going to LOVE this tool!

Before I get to the AMAZING carbs tool, here is a little background:

I am a carbs lover! I do my best to skip carbs here and there to balance my diet and improve my health. Even as such, my diet is far from a low carb diet (God bless cookies 🙂 ). However, I wanted to educate myself about the role of carbs in our body. In the following link you can find some in depth explanation about this macronutrient for the human body: http://www.r…carbohydrates-in-the-body.html

Below, I have included an excerpt of an article I found very easy to read, and at the same time very clarifying about the different kinds of carbs. So I actually learned that I shouldn’t skip all carbs:

“Most of the micronutrients in our diets, including vitamins, minerals, and other healthful compounds, come from carbohydrate sources.

What is the standard picture that comes to mind when you think of carbs? Rice, bread, pasta, potatoes? These are all common answers, because they are common foods in the average American diet. Yet, it’s hard to imagine an abundance of micronutrients coming from these refined starchy carbohydrates. In fact, it’s hard to see these nutrients coming from any starchy carbohydrates (with a few exceptions) regardless of whether they are whole or refined.


What carbs should you be including?

Rich colorful fruits and vegetables along with small amounts of whole grains and legumes with the occasional tuber. Plant sources should be fresh and local, thereby giving them more time in the sun and opportunity to ripen naturally (as opposed to imported fruits and vegetables that are harvested early and never really mature). One major caveat with whole grains is the high rate of subclinical gluten sensitivity that seems to be the cause of so many health issues.” >>>Complete article here>>

You are going to LOVE this tool!

And finally… Are you ready for this FANTASTIC tool by ?

This is THE tool! It lists items by food group and sorts them by carb-count, protein or fiber content!!!! Click the link below and let me know wheter you find it useful:

>>> Click here for The CARB COUNTER!!! <<<

Victoria Vives Khuong


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