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Grass Fed Beef Hamburgers Anyone?

O!Burger is the new all organic fast food place in West Hollywood!

My Manager, Ralph, told me about this restaurant, and yesterday I tried the Classic O!Burger featuring delicious grass fed beef, and juicy grilled onions along other yummy ingredients… Mmmm!

I met Martha, one of the owners, and she explained to me how even the forks they have are corn made, totally Eco-Friendly, the painting in the walls and every detail is keeping in mind to protect our planet. How wonderful is that?

I wish they become very successful and that very soon they can offer us this delicacy in new areas of Los Angeles. This is the kind of business that I like to support, and the prices are very reasonable.

So if you are looking forward to a healthy diet, this is an easy and enjoyable way to go about it. No excuses 🙂 Now, you have the choice of healthy fast food! What else can you ask for? Oh, the website? Here:

Victoria Vives Khuong


Why Grass Fed Beef?


3 Responses to “Grass Fed Beef Hamburgers Anyone?”

  1. Sounds great. When I googled it came up first and all over(must have a great SEO webmaster) but then I used all the right keywords.

    Sorry for me there is a $20 min on delivery (per the delivery service not the restaurant. If I paid the 4% over to the delivery service you’d think they would deliver. If I came to the place then O’Burger would let me order less than $20. Bad business practice on the part of LABITES, ah good name, they bite.

    I have a question – to O’Burger – do you have a place to sit down?
    No pics on your site or anywhere else. Pop me an email if you see this.

    Peace out.

  2. Dahlia, thank you for your comment. Yes, they DO have a place to sit down, both indoors and outdoors. Love, Victoria

  3. due to the busy schedules from work, most people would just prefer to eat on fastfoods ~

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